Brief History

Brief history

The Agape Christian Ministries was founded 7th August, 1988 and held her first service same day with two families as first members. Prior to this time, Bishop Felix ‘Remi Adejumo (then brother Adejumo) had received the call of God in Ibadan to raise a new people with the possibility mindset for Christ Jesus. From that time, the Lord has continued to bless the ministry, having grown in leaps and bounds to several thousand members, spread across ten states of Nigeria, over thirty-five (35) parishes, several ministry arms and across three continents of the World.
The ministry’s senior pastors, Apostle & Revd (Mrs) Felix Adejumo (felixadejumoministries.org), are a tremendous blessing to the body of Christ,with their ministry blessing lives all round the World.

 Agape christian Assembly (My father's house), Felele-Ibadan

This vibrant branch of Agape Christian Ministries Inc. was inaugurated on the 16th of July, 1995 as part of the vision given to the set man – Bishop Felix ‘Remi Adejumo.
Since the branch church started in 1995, the church keeps recording tremendous growth with dedicated, committed and loyal membership and the mantle of leadership now recently falls on Pastor & Deaconess Peter & Moyosoreoluwa Ayeye, after the immediate Resident Pastor, Pastor & Pastor (Mrs.) Segun Idahor, voluntarily step aside for greater ministerial assignment in January 2019.
Including the current resident pastors – Pastor & Deaconess Peter & Moyosoreoluwa Peter Ayeye have been privileged and saddled with this responsibility since January 2019
Furthermore, and to the glory of God, the church occupies her own property, a beautiful, conducive, and excellent worship centre at Felele- barracks, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. The church presently records average weekly attendance of 175 memberships (Sunday services) in worship attendance and we believe God for more increases.
And since inauguration, the Ibadan branch church (popularly known as “My Father’s House”) has planted the following branch churches.

Agape Christian Assembly, Ijebu-Ode
Agape Christian Assembly, Oke-Bola, Ibadan
Agape Christian Assembly, Odo-Ona Elewe, Ibadan (work in process)

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Agape Christian Assembly, Felele, Ibadan also known as "My Father's House" is a vibrant & sufficiently cosmopolitan church in character without losing the spiritual and worship "fervor" of AGAPE atmosphere of possibility fragrance, which enables the branch church to attract leaders of government, professionals, businessmen, students, youths, teenagers and people from different tribes and nationals..
Furthermore and as declared by the President/General Overseer of Agape Christian Ministries Inc., Bishop Felix 'Remi Adejumo, the ministries stands and is established on the following spiritual principles:

  • Worship
  • Sacrifice

The ultimate vision of "My Father's House" of Agape Christian Assembly, Ibadan, is to continually build a church with an environment of excellence, which Agape Christian Ministries is known for over the years, that encourages true worship, via the Word, Worship and Sacrifice as stated above, thereby raising and releasing "possibilitarians" through God's amazing grace.

Check out on our SDP Class Programme

The Steward Development Programme (SDP) is a compulsory and in-house induction programme to help develop any new members of the branch church that joins any of the existing departments as a church worker.

This programme is designed to take the new members from the place of entry into the branch church as a member, into the enviable position where he or she is able to effectively function in stewardship and thus release the God given potentials that have been deposited in him or her to the fullest.

The purpose of the SDP class is to equip men and women for the work of service in the church. We want to take the things that we have learned and pass them on to faithful men and women who can train others.

And to be on target in doing this, the SDP is a 4 (four) weeks weekend class (Saturdays) that comes up in May, June, September and October every year and the teachings have been routinely structured to help the new member in a systematic way become an established member.

Coming Soon....

Agape Christian Assembly, Ibadan will soon be serving as a statellite campus for:

  1. Agape Ministerial Institute (AMI)
  2. Advanced Leadership School (ALS)

Please watchout for more information on this site very soon.

The branch church encourages members to use their gifts in the various ministries for the church and one of the teachings the branch leadership and by extension the ministries emphasizes on is that no one man is to do all the work or the majority of the work of the ministry. The ministry belongs to everyone. Everyone has a gift and is to use it in serving the body of Christ. 

Current Departments in the church (My Father's House)

1. Ushering

2. Security

3. Drama

4. Technical

5. Announcement

6. Publicity

7. Media

8. Welfare

9. Choir

10. Evangelism

11. Follow-Up

12. First -Timer

13. Sanctuary Keepers

14. Decorating

15. Protocol

16. Prayer Band

17. Facility Management 

The seven fold covenant of Agape

• The Covenant of Favour
• The Covenant of Life
• The Covenant of Mercy
• The Covenant of Distinction
• The Covenant of Wealth
• The Covenant of Peace
• The Covenant Fruitfulness

Our Vision Statement

Raising Possibilitarians

Our Mission Statement

Building a virile and militant army with a possibility mentality
Building an enviable people of praise and power
Building a People of Love walking in the spirit of the Family
Building a people with burden for soul winning and preparing them for heaven.
Helping people to build stable family life and relationships.