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6 Aluko Street Felele, Ibadan, Nigeria

Our Departments

Our Departments

The branch church encourages members to use their gifts in the various ministries for the church and one of the teachings the branch leadership and by extension the ministries emphasizes on is that no one man is to do all the work or the majority of the work of the ministry. The ministry belongs to everyone. Everyone has a gift and is to use it in serving the body of Christ.

Current Departments in the church (My Father’s House)

1. Ushering

2. Security

3. Drama

4. Technical

5. Announcement

6. Publicity

7. Media

8. Welfare

9. Choir

10. Evangelism

11. Follow-Up

12. First -Timer

13. Sanctuary Keepers

14. Decorating

15. Protocol

16. Prayer Band

17. Facility Management